Impacting Patient Care with Point-of-Care Testing, Quicker Results

OB/GYN provide quicker results to patients through point-of-care testingEasing Patient Concerns

An expectant mother hopes for an uncomplicated pregnancy and the safe delivery of a healthy baby. Yet the changes affecting her body may often be a cause for concern.  For example, she may have heard about the importance of hemoglobin testing in the detection and treatment of anemia.  

Your patient requires an accurate understanding of the information and medical diagnosis you provide for them to make informed decisions.  Identifying and communicating the desired outcomes for your expecting mother while she is still at your side can aid in the patient’s understanding and reduce the stress and worry she encounters waiting on test results. 

A Faster Way to Diagnosis and Treatment

Point-of-care hemoglobin testing allows hemoglobin testing to be performed in-house, reducing the time between ordering test results and communicating the findings to your patient during a follow-up office visit. It is a quick and easy way to identify individuals at risk, allowing for immediate action and subsequent treatment. 

Handheld analyzers and medical diagnostic products for point-of-care testing can measure hemoglobin levels in the blood and provide lab-quality results in about 60 seconds. Because accuracy provided by a clinical lab should never be sacrificed for the convenience of point-of-care testing, HemoCue handheld analyzers are engineered to provide results with lab quality accuracy and precision.